History & Mission


“Today more than ever, the traditional boundaries are disappearing. You often cannot explain the whole without referring to the parts. You have to learn how to arbitrage information from disparate perspectives and then weave it all together to produce a picture of the world that you would never have if you looked at from only one perspective” – Thomas Friedman

The Carnegie Group began in 2006 in response to the evolving economic crises, when our founding Members realized they were, time and time again, organically collaborating on client challenges. Recognizing that the majority of these challenges required expertise in multiple disciplines, and that identifying the expertise necessary and appropriate to solving these challenges on a case-by-case basis was incredibly time consuming and often times impossible for clients to do on their own, Members responded by formally establishing The Carnegie Group. Today, The Carnegie Group meets significant client demands for quickly and seamlessly accessing practical, collaborative real-world solutions to their needs for innovative compelling content, independent third party validation and subject matter expertise.