What is TCG


TCG a is a collaborative non partisan think tank comprised of members from across the U.S. who are thought leaders in their respective fields. We are driven to participate in TCG by the desire to make a difference for our country. Together, we provide timely, relevant and unique information, insights and perspectives delivered via video and written content, by our subject matter experts and independent third party validation for our clients spanning the real estate, finance, legal and healthcare industries.

The Carnegie Group is a nonpartisan think tank that engages in a variety of policy initiatives and provides the nation’s top real estate, finance, legal and healthcare organizations with compelling content, independent third party validation and subject matter expertise.

The Carnegie Group consists of hundred of members around the country, all renowned experts in the real estate, finance, legal and healthcare fields and some of the most highly regarded members of industries required to deliver our services, who participate in The Carnegie Group because they want to make a difference. Members serve The Carnegie Group and our clients in a variety of capacities including as expert witnesses, speakers, trainers, and subject matter experts for the content we produce.


As actual experts in the fields of real estate, finance, legal and healthcare, The Carnegie Group produces the highest quality video, live and written contentincluding for our clients’ websites, social media and print publications, advocacy and “calls to action,” blogs, television and radio broadcasts, Internet news channels, podcasts, and live events.

The Internet is littered with “content” providers, however, the vast majority are generic writers and videographers. You’ll find themworking as freelancers, insideadvertising and public relations agencies and at technology delivery and service providers, including the many video streaming, webcast and website design companiesholding themselves out as content providers in order to capitalize on what they view as one more revenue stream. Regardless of where they reside, generic content providers, by definition, lackhigh level subject matter expertise in any particular area.Instead, they rely on clients – consuming significant staff time -or embark on the minimum possible research, merely recycling what they find, directly or indirectly at the client’s expense. The result is always generic content.

As leaders in the real estate, finance, legal and healthcare industries, our clients require a higher level of more sophisticated content. Their audiences expect timely, highly relevant information, uniquely original perspectives, thought leadership, subject matter expertise that is simply not possible from generic content providers. The Carnegie Group hits the proverbial ground running, delivering in-depth knowledge in our areas of expertise including the relevant history, culture, dynamics, economics, regulatoryenvironment,politics and policy perspectives coupled with the highest quality live and on camera talent, writers and videographers – provided by The Carnegie Group Members in those professions – all precisely geared to our clients’ audience, and always on time and on budget.

The Carnegie Group’s content clients include financial institutions, government agencies, trade associations and Fortune 500 corporations. Read more


Our clients also recognize the benefit of highly qualified independent third party validation. The Carnegie Group delivers vis-à-vis our renowned industry expert Members. Our clients know that their organization has far more credibility with their audience when The Carnegie Group expert Members endorse their organization than when their organization endorses itself. Read more


Our Members are renowned thought leaders and subject matter experts who have worked and distinguished themselves on the front lines in the fields of Real Estate, Finance, Legal and Healthcare.