Independent Third Party Validation


White Papers 

Upon client request, The Carnegie Group selectively issues White Papers addressing timely subjects of national importance that fall within The Carnegie Group’s wheelhouse and are consistent with our mission and collective Member interests and passion. The Carnegie Group White Papers are made available to all out of clients and for educational purposes as published.

Positive Publicity

Because perception is often reality, positive  publicity is an important component in many of our clients’ initiatives.  Our highly credible Members serve as both official and unofficial spoke persons, providing our clients with valuable independent third party validation and positive publicity.    In addition to having many highly regarded publicity, public relations and media professionals serving within our Membership, The Carnegie Group Members have deep, long-term relationships with journalists and media throughout the country. The Carnegie Group clients have access to the best, brightest, and most highly connected industry problem-solvers for today’s positive  publicity challenges  including best practices for launching, promoting, and leveraging new government, financial institution and trade association products, programs, campaigns and  initiatives. Whether the challenge is reaching and motivating certain demographics or proactively anticipating and quelling negative press or regulator perception, our clients count on The Carnegie Group to effectively leverage positive publicity opportunities and  help navigate the positive publicity and perception challenges their organizations face.

Lobbying Support

Many of our clients have regulatory and political needs. The Carnegie Group provides a variety of engagement, education, advocacy and on-going communication services, including Calls to Action, for our government and national trade associations clients.  These services, in combination with The Carnegie Group’s relationships, enable our clients to seamlessly reach, engage, and educate on new policies and programs. Both The Carnegie Group itself and our Members maintain excellent relations with local, state, and Federal agencies, legislators, regulators, legal communities, and professional associations in order to keep abreast of the latest influences and developments to better serve our clients.  The Carnegie Group also independently issueposition papers and directly influences relevant policy on issues affecting The Carnegie Group mission, projects, and clients.

Literary Agency and Publication

Many of our Members are active journalists and regular contributors and editorial consultants for  our clients’ e-newsletters, blogs, websites, social media, and print publications.   In addition, The Carnegie Group Members include publisher authors, literary agents and literary publicists.  As such, The Carnegie Group is well positioned to support our client publishing and publishing promotional efforts.