Subject Matter Experts



The Carnegie Group Members assist our real estate, banking, legal and healthcare clients in an array of fundamental activities as subject matter experts including as a panel members, in-house trainers, adjunct professors, lecturers, and key-note speakers for a wide array of audiences, levels of sophistication, and comprehension.

Expert Witnesses

Our Members frequently serve as expert witnesses in litigation involving real estate, finance, legal and healthcare issues and conflicts in our areas of expertise.

Advocacy, Policy Hearings and Panels

Members of The Carnegie Group are active on Capitol Hill, both providing our real estate, finance, legal and healthcare clients with subject matter expertise and critical independent third party validation for their advocacy and policies initiatives and being called upon directly by members of Congress and other policy makers  for similar purposes.

In-House Training

If the economy, policy, or cultural conditions caught your organization off guard, you are not alone. Our Members help clients’ staff catch up and keep up. With new blended organizations, rules, dynamics, challenges, reforms, and regulations rolling out every day, the need for in house training remains acute. Our Members help train clients’ internal teams  and  help our clients “train” their own customers, strategic partners, investors, and service providers.