The Newest TCG Consumer Outreach & Advocacy Content Library: FAQ


How does the consumer outreach-advocacy content library subscription work?

Easy. Annual subscriptions are purchased for as little as 1 or as many 16 Content Sets, based upon your Association’s own strategic plan NAR Core Standards Consumer Outreach and Advocacy compliance (the Core Standards require a minimum of 4 consumer outreach actions per year, as well as advocacy). Each quarter, or as often as needed, your designated Association representative logs in to the TCG Consumer-Advocacy Content Library, selects the topic(s)-Content Set(s) your Association wishes to use, completes the Customization Options on the Content Order form and downloads your approved Consumer Outreach-Advocacy content.

What is a content set?

A Consumer Outreach-Advocacy Content “Set” consist of:

  • A Public Service Announcement video
  • A Television News video
  • Social Media banners
  • Corresponding written copy including
    • Suggested Title
    • Website copy
    • E-Mail copy
    • Sign-On/Petition copy
    • Public Service Announcement video transcript
    • Television News video transcript
    • Suggested Press Release

How can TCG consumer outreach-advocacy content be customized for my state or local association?

Consumer Outreach-Advocacy Content Sets are designed to allow flexibility for small, medium, large and mega Association needs and budgets.  To that end,. Consumer Outreach-Advocacy Content Sets can be used “off the shelf” or, if your Association desires,  TCG edits in your Association’s own custom elements, including your Association’s choice of some or all of the following Customization Options:

  • Up to 2 local subject matter experts including lower third with name and title (your Association leadership, top producers, influencers, up to 10 seconds each)
  • Up to 2 local photographs or video b-roll (up to 10 seconds each)
  • Up to 2 local content title cards (relevant local statistics, success stories, leadership quotes, and such, up to 5 word title and 20 word body)
  • Up to 2 state or local Association or sponsoring broker logos

These custom elements can be produced by TCG for your State or Local Association or, if your Association has an in-house production team, feel free showcase your Association’s own talent by submitting these elements to TCG for inclusion in your Association’s custom content.


How does TCG determine what topics to cover in the consumer outreach-advocacy content library?

Topics covered include NAR, State and Local Advocacy Issues and programs, relevant current events, as well as trending and newsworthy topics.   TCG also routinely covers topics suggested by State and Local Associations and NAR Members.  So if you or someone you know has a suggestion, please feel free to submit it by using the Contact section of this website.   Moreover, State and Local Association and Brokers often submit special content production requests which TCG is happy to comply with.

How can we book a TCG subject matter expert speaker?

Following requests from State and Local Associations, TCG now also offers the option of booking a speaker, including many of the subject matter experts featured in the Consumer Outreach-Advocacy Content videos, for your Associations’ live Community Involvement events such as Homeownership Fairs, Housing Opportunity Classes, Townhalls and Telephone Banks.  Simple check the “Book a Speaker” option on the Content Order form and a TCG client service representative will take it from there.

How can we arrange media training?

That’s easy too.  Just check the “Media Training” option on the Content Order form!

How do we get started?

That’s simple.  Just fill out the Subscription form and a TCG representative will be in touch with your shortly!