The Newest TCG Consumer Outreach & Advocacy Content Library

In connection with always striving to provide home buyers sellers and renters with absolute highest possible expertise, service and resources, the National Association of Realtors now requires Local, state, and territorial associations of REALTORS®, as a condition of membership in the National Association of REALTORS®, to meet Organizational Alignment Core Standards, a set of requirements that fall into six categories: Code of Ethics, Advocacy, Consumer Outreach, Unification Efforts and Support of the REALTOR® Organization, Technology, and Financial Solvency.

The Carnegie Group is proud to assist with Consumer Outreach and Advocacy. This proven national program reaches out to millions of US consumers with highly targeted video, written and graphical content delivered direct to consumers via websites, social media, email as well as printed materials and live events to advance consumer’s understanding of homeownership issues and asking consumers to get involved or ‘take action’. Homeownership issues show consumers that REALTORS® are on the consumer’s side on many issues, and inform buyers and sellers of important actions taken in support of the consumer on homeownership issues. Videos, written copy and graphics, even more extensive than those utilized for NAR’s national consumer outreach and advocacy campaign, and a myriad of additional content topics, types of content, customization options, and suggested innovative consumer outreach strategies designed to meet the new Core Standards Consumer Outreach and Advocacy requirements and cultivate and build priceless, trusted, on-going engagement with home buyers and sellers, are now available to State and Local Associations through The Carnegie Group. Content provided includes public service announcement videos, news videos, consumer q&a, web site copy, suggested social media posts, e-mail copy, images and infographics and related press releases and can be customized with a video appearance by the Associations own members and leaders, state and local statistics, public policy issues and victories-success stories, and Association logos.

State and Local Associations are obligated to comply with the National Association of Realtors’® new Core Standards. One the of new Core Standards components is Consumer–Public Outreach:

Being the “Voice of real state- Promoting market statistics and/or real estate trends and issues, Community Involvement-Promoting the value proposition of using a REALTOR®, Advocacy Efforts-Engaging the public in legislative/political issues that impact real estate and related issues, and Community Investment-Organizing human resources.

Consumer-Public Outreach goes far beyond mere advertising in terms of both expertise and effort required and potential outcomes. Achieving compliance before the June deadline, and meeting the Standards on an on-going basis moving forward, will require staff time and financial resources. Budgeting, and then remaining within budget, introduces further challenges.

The good news is that State and Local Associations are permitted to share services and The Carnegie Group provides a solution designed to do just that, quickly taking the Consumer–Public Outreach requirements off State and Local Association Communication Directors plates, reducing Association staff time and costs to a minimum and eliminating budgeting concerns.

Choose from an incredibly wide variety of the highest quality customizable Consumer Outreach content , delivered directly to you in a complete turn-key “set,” all at a fraction of the cost of producing similar content in-house.

That’s because The Carnegie Group’s CCL solution allows Local and State Associations to share resources, enabling Associations to easily and cost-effectively continue meeting the CORE requirements, and engage consumers, on an on-going basis moving forward, always on time and on budget.

Each quarter, a designated Association staff person accesses, scrolls and selects the compelling content topic of her choice from the CCL Library.

    Turn-Key “Content Sets” include:

  • Videos
  • Website Copy
  • Suggested Social Media Posts
  • E-mail Copy
  • Call To Action Copy
  • Related Images-infographics
  • Print Ad
  • Article
  • A Corresponding Press Release
  • And more…

The staff person seamlessly selects which content elements she wishes to have The Carnegie Group customize with her own Association’s experts, graphics, logo, photos, b-roll and more. She receives the custom content back from The Carnegie Group, with clear and succinct instructions for optimizing its effectiveness and seamlessly posts the final content to her Association’s website, and in her Association’s on-going social media, e-mails and consumer-public outreach printed materials.

Content Sets Are Easily Customized With Your Associations:

  • Member and Leadership “Experts” Sound Bites
  • B-Roll and Photographs
  • Statistics
  • Success Stories
  • Graphics and Logo
  • And more…

The experts featured in her video content, are available as speakers or to participate in her Association’s live Core standard “community investment” or other events. And professional media training is available to her Association as a compliment to the related press release included in the Content Set.

The CCL Library is designed to add significant value for smaller, mid-size and larger organizations alike. Customization options and subscription alternatives are tailored to work within budgets. The State and Local Association avoids costly staff planning, coordination, concept development, research and writing time, all the videographers, lighting, audio, teleprompters, producers-directors, talent, scripting, graphics, site locations and studios, backgrounds, locating experts, not to mention the actual shoot and editing time. Instead, The Carnegie Group’s renowned subject matter experts provide invaluable independent third party validation for the State and Local Association. And The Carnegie Group delivers the highest quality video, written and graphical content, reflecting an engaging variety of subject matter experts, backgrounds, settings, graphics and b-roll, far exceeding what most Associations are able to produce for comparable cost in house, translating to higher levels of credibility, consumer engagement and professional image for the State and Local Association. Moreover, leadership and members from participating Associations are invited to be included in the national campaign videos as subject matter experts!

The Carnegie Group continually produces new CCP Library content covering a variety of highly relevant consumer centric topics. The Carnegie Group, likewise, produces content covering further topics by request.